Non-Profit Appreciation Week 2022

Inaugural Week of Appreciation for the Non-profit Sector

Week helps close the recognition gap for important but overlooked sector

Richmond Hill, ON – Ontario’s non-profit sector is the largest in Canada. It includes over 58,000 registered charities and non-profit organizations that benefit our communities in so many ways, delivering programs that improve our collective quality of life.

We celebrate the diversity of Ontario’s non-profit sector, from mental health support, seniors’ services, homeless shelters, crisis lines, skills development, immigrant support, specialized help for children, and family support services to programs that promote arts and culture, environmental sustainability and recreation.

The heroic work done by non-profit organizations often goes unnoticed and should be acknowledged as this sector is crucial to Ontario’s social and economic development.

The government appreciates our non-profit sector and we thank them for all their hard work. We understand that with the pandemic it has been difficult to hold fundraising events. Our government has provided almost $130 million through the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help non-profits adapt to the challenges created by the pandemic and ensure they can continue to provide the best service possible and make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families across the province.

In addition, we’ve also provided more than $5.1 billion to non-profit organizations in 20202021, including community and developmental services organizations, child protection services in the child welfare system, and services for children and youth with special needs.

Bill 9: The Non-profit Sector Appreciation Week Act passed in the Ontario legislature with unanimous, all-party support. “We all need to appreciate the hard-working professionals in the non-profit sector, especially during the pandemic period when its services are so much needed and volunteers and donations have dropped,” said Daisy Wai, MPP for Richmond Hill. “The Non-profit Sector Appreciation Week will help ignite the passion and the performance of

workers who are understandably exhausted and feeling burned out. We need to celebrate these Invisible Champions in our communities. Their sense of dedication, powered by their personal vision and mission has supported them through many challenges, but our appreciation and support for them will go a long way.”

Bill 9, championed by MPP Wai through a Private Members Bill, the Non-profit Sector Week of Appreciation Act, takes place the third week of February in perpetuity. The first Appreciation Week kicked off today, February 14, 2022 online via Facebook and YouTube.

MPP Wai was joined by the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, as well as Ministers Fullerton, Minister MacLeod and many others. Special thanks go to Raksha Bhayana – CEO Bhayana Family Foundation, Daniele Zanotti – President & CEO United Way Greater Toronto, and Cathy Taylor – Executive Director Ontario Non-profit Network who shared MPP Wai’s passion to make this annual week a reality.

“This is an opportunity for all Ontarians to celebrate the incredible professionals in the nonprofit sector for everything they do to help those in need” says Premier Ford. “I want to personally thank each and every one of you for going above and beyond throughout the COVID19 pandemic to support their communities and protect the most vulnerable. They truly represent the best of the Ontario spirit. I also want to thank my good friend and MPP Daisy Wai for putting forward Bill 9 and being a strong champion for the sector.”

MPP Daisy Wai encourages everyone to work together to support our non-profits and appeals to all Ontarians to volunteer, donate and foster impactful change in their communities. For the past 2 years many have not been able to have fundraising events, but it should not stop our continued support for them. “The non-profit sector has helped to build our province, and now it is our turn to build them up” says MPP Wai. “To all the professionals in the non-profit sector, you truly have been instrumental in helping our communities. I hope you enjoy this week of dedication to you, you are our unsung heroes.”